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Jan 24, 2009

His Love Life is Better than Mine

His Love Life is Better than Mine

“So what am I going to read about next on your blog?”  That was a question asked me by a friend I met for lunch on Friday.  "I don’t know."  I hadn’t had time to blog much this week, which I hated.  Then I thought having the kiddos home this weekend and surviving the all-nighter with Jas’ crew Friday night wasn’t going to leave me with much time, but…. Here I sit while the boys play guitar hero and drum “hero” and all those heroes in the other room.  So I am going to take advantage of the time and share a few thoughts. 

Where am I on my list for 2009 “to-do’s”?

Well I haven’t gained the 10 pounds, if that is what you are wondering; but I have read two other books out of my three in addition to our book club assignments.  (Actually I should be reading this month’s assignment as I write this, which is The Four Loves by C.S. Lewis.)  The two additional books I have read (mostly while I had time off before getting back to work on Jan. 5) were Barefoot by Elin Hilderbrand and Queen of the Big Time by Adriana Trigiani.  Hop on over to my “library thing” on http://www.librarything.com  if you are interested in what I have read over the last couple years.  Yeah… maybe not, hmmm?  It's ok. 

QLUBB.COM www.qlubb.com

Oh, but you do need to check out this great little website, www.qlubb.com I found that allows your groups to set up a site just for its members to access and edit things about your “Qlubb.”  You can use the site  for keeping any group of people organized, but we are using it for book club.  We already have the majority of our readers participating; sharing on their profile, posting dates for the next meeting, book assignments and the books we have read.  In addition there is a place to post links of interest and even files we want the group to share.  It will also send reminder emails to each group member about the next meeting so the leader doesn’t have to keep up with all that.  You have to check out the website; so far it has been a success for our book club.

Are You Keeping Up With Your goals?

Now back to my goals and their progress…I have already had the family over once at my house for Jas birthday this past Wednesday night.  I cooked a turkey dinner (yeah this is a big deal).   To keep up with "every other month goal" I told them we would be doing it again in March (not for turkey, but we shall see what I can come up with).

Guess you heard about the tanning salon news… so that goal is now out the window.  But you know, it’s no big deal.  Oh and we had a game night last week and this week game night was taken up by our Science Fair project marathon (don’t get me started), which was our entire evening Thursday night.

Make New Friends, But Keep the Old; One is silver….

New friends:  Well if you count getting to meet in person Heather, whom I had already connected with through blogging from Not a DIY Life and another guy friend that I met in person this week… I may be on my way of meeting this goal as well.  Whether or not I get to see Heather again (we are trying to plan a ROAD TRIP) will determine if I feel like I can count her as a new friend “in my world” (since she lives out of state and we chat through emails and blogging).  Heather, either way I still consider you a kindred spirit!

Oh yeah and Jas’ love life is better than mine right now as he can claim a real life girlfriend.  So even though that was not a goal… I am happy for him.  Yes, paranoid… but happy. (Wait, is that an oxymoron?)

Well I am getting long winded here with the progress of goals and I think I might have heard sirens coming from either outside or the other room where the boys are.  Tune in again soon and I will share with you my planned trip for Valentine's Day, so exciting… and I may even let you in on where I am with writing that book!

Find yourself… keeping it real.


Rugae said...

Thanks for the Qlubb website. It looks like a useful (and free) site for my little league team.

Heather @ Not a DIY Life said...

definitely kindred spirits! i really hope that not too much time passes before we can meet up again. but if it does, I'm very thankful to be considered your friend!

hope you survived the boys' night and are having a good weekend! Hugs!

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