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Feb 23, 2009

A Date That Does DISHES!?

Even with taking my kids here and there this weekend, Mr. M and I still made time to hang out. 

I told him since he had met Kass on Thursday night at her school program, that if he wanted to stop by Friday night while we entertained two of her friends from school, that he was welcome.  He not only stopped by but brought three bottles of sparkling grape juice with him.  What a treat!  I got out a few my goblets and the girls had the best time - playing restaurant and filling up the glasses.  They flirted with Mr. M. most of the evening as they asked him to play hide and seek and stuck notes on his back.  He was quite the hit of the evening.

Saturday, he showed up while we were selling Girl Scout cookies at the Sam's Wholesale, brought us bottles of water and then helped me find a dessert for the event Kass had on Sunday.  She then left with a friend to go spend the night and I had to pick up Jas from one of his friend's house - get him home to shower and head off to a birthday party that evening.  While I was making this mad dash with Jas, Mr. M. was off to find the correct tool to tighten up the loose legs on my dining room table.  After getting Jason where he needed to be we met up again to go to dinner with Mr. M's mom and step-dad.  (Are you out of breath yet, just reading about the hectic day?)

Luigi's was his mom's choice of restaurant for the evening, because I had never been and it was one of their favorites.  The place was divine, a quaint Italian restaurant with food that was exquisite.  We had so much fun talking and getting acquainted.  And the meal finished off with some dinner music by a blues singer who also played the piano. 

Well Sunday was even more hectic between getting my kids to different events from Girl Scouts to teaching at church, so I won't go into detail.  But I will share the following:

Jas was able to meet Mr. M. over lunch on Sunday,

Mr. M.'s mom and I bonded even more when she found out I crochet (she bought me new needles and gave me some great rope style yarn for a new project);

and amidst the running here and there, Mr. M. managed to wash dishes at my house during one of our quick stops with the kiddos between outings.  Now for a man to do dishes, you know that means SOMETHING!

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Photo Credit:  http://www.viewpoints.com/images/review/2009/1/15/1230845526-04834_full.jpg



He sounds DIVINE!! And you sound exhausted but happy! Yay!

Jaime said...

Hmmm... Sounds like a keeper!

Nice to meet you. I'm here via dooce.com.

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