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Mar 26, 2009

Find Yourself...Keeping it Real

spring dogwood002

We went from this on Tuesday......... beautiful spring day with blue skies and temperatures close to 60....

To this on Wednesday....


Gray skies and rain, rain, rain along with temperatures that barely hit the low forties.  Even though it appears to be nightfall this is actually about 5:30pm, Wednesday.

Changing Skies

With the skies changing so drastically from one day to the next, I started thinking how our feelings can also change so rapidly and so drastically from one day to the next.  Just like the rain forming in clouds and pouring out on the city; circumstances around us can quickly form a cloud over our demeanor until it comes to the point of holding back no more and is released in manifested sadness.  When the final straw is laid the next word may become the beginning of our release; friends distracted from our usual closeness, or children saying a curt word or acting out can become the very point when you say "That's it!  I'm done."

Finding the Road to Balance Life's Journey

So many times I have gotten to that point over the years.  Being a parent is hard, being a single parent is harder.  Being a single parent while trying to nurture and build a new important relationship in your life is hardest.  Finding a balance between all of these demands on your time and energy is part of the journey.  Now I just have to bring myself back to that place somewhere in the middle of the road, where you do what you have to do but you still find a way to enjoy the journey.


My prayer:

Help me: Find that path, find that peace, find that sanity and find myself making the most of life while keeping it real.

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