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Mar 25, 2009

Talking In Your Sleep

  At 6:30am Monday morning I got out of bed and walked into Jas' room. 

 "Jas, How are you feeling?"  "Up to going to school?"

"School? No."

"Jas, Are you sure you don't feel any better?"

"Oh... school... yeah.... I'm going."

"So you are feeling better."

"We have a play... yeah... I'm going."

"A play?  Have I already paid for you to go?"


"Ok, well you can lay there a little longer while I get ready and then I'll get you up."

I was surprised that he was feeling better after being so sick on Sunday, but  pleased he was willing to try to get back to school on Monday.  And he had this play to look forward to right?

After I finished getting ready and took Kass to school at 7:30, I walked back in the house and went into Jas' bedroom. 

"Get up Jas.  I'm back from taking Kass, you need to get ready so we can get you to school."

"But I'm not going.  I don't feel like going."

"Wait, you said you had a play and that you were going to school."

"Mom!... What play? ....We don't have plays!"

Running a fever, Jas ended up staying home that day as well as Tuesday trying to get over a virus that was going around.  But I thought about that conversation we had when he must have been talking in his sleep and had to share it.  He talks in his sleep from time to time.  And I love to engage him in conversations like that... you never know what he might come up with.  But that time he fooled me, because I didn't even know he was sleep-talking.  In fact, he may be having more conversations with me asleep than when he's awake!  No, not really, but they are more fun!

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