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Mar 31, 2009

Single Mom, Fourteen... Again


For a few moments Saturday, I was fourteen again, or sixteen..... Anyways, I was back in the eighties standing in an arcade and playing this.  My fav video arcade game back then was Ms. Pacman.  When we stepped into the arcade at a wonderful family entertainment center, Bridgewater Plaza at Smith Mountain Lake, I was thrilled to find the huge box with what could have been my handprint on the joystick.  There on the glass, just like I remembered, was this image.  At games costing only 2 nickels each, I couldn't resist and played game after game after game.

Mr. M. and I decided to take his boys (my kiddos were gone with their dad) to the lake and check out a few spots and I remembered this place from when my kiddos were smaller.  We stopped here and it took me back in time, way back in time.  Not that I long to be fourteen again... not by far would I relive those teen years.  But to catch a glimpse of those free-spirited days of no worries, no bills, and just time on my hands was welcomed as I gripped the joystick... and played like it was nineteen-eighty-something... again.

100_0635 cropped blog

fav game was . And don't you know that game was right next to mine.  See his reflection in the glass?  So there we stood like two teenagers, getting frustrated and flustered by the minute as we played game after game.... but it was fun.

And Mr. M. got on the high score list... Can you find him?


Find yourself... keeping it real.





That's awesome!! Oh I remember those days...

Robin said...

There's no way in heck I'd volunteer to going back to those days, either, but gosh yes, Pacman:) Now that was fun!

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