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Apr 1, 2009

The Weekend Photo Shoot

  100_0620 bw duck from psd copy

Just before we ended up in the arcade on Saturday, we walked around the facility, in the rain and ended up at this boat dock where I caught a few shots of the ducks and fish.

100_0622 cropped lightened

The weather finally changed

Sunday, Mr. M. and I wanted to get outside to enjoy the beautiful day and we ended up walking along the Roanoke River.... where I took the remainder of these shots.  I have converted some to black and white for the artistic effect.  But share with me what you think.  I realize I am just an amateur, a novice when it comes to photography; but I do love it.

100_0648 bw waterfall edge


100_0656bw bridge over water


 100_0665bw spash rke rivr


What do you love to do for fun?

Find yourself... keeping it real.


Hope & Skye said...

I enjoy your blog very much! Thanks for keeping it real... Btw, what camera are you using? You may have mentioned it in the past but I can't find that post. I recently lost my camera and am hoping to get a new one soon.

Katherine said...


Thanks for stopping by - glad you enjoy it... and I use a Kodak EasyShare C743 Digital with optical zoom (3x) and I love it. It's easy to point and shoot and has some extra bells and whistles including some different settings for closeups and distance photography. Come back and visit soon!

Unknown said...

I especially like the last 2 shots. I love daffodils! Ours are gone already. Spring comes early here.

I like to dabble with photography, but I need to save up for a new camera. We've had this little Kodak point and shoot digital for about 6 years. Very outdated!

Hope you and your family have a good Easter!

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