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Apr 17, 2009

Time For A New Car?

I just recently had some normal routine maintenance done on my Infinity.  You know the drill, oil change every 5k miles plus I was due for some new brake pads.  At Mr. M.’s suggestion I also had them rotate the tires as well as check some squeaky belts. 

Since I am driving a 1999 and getting quite a number of miles on the vehicle, it just made me start thinking… “Is it time for a new one?”

Don’t get me wrong, I do love my Infinity.  And it runs great.  With the miles on it, I was expecting some normal wear and tear that I would have to maintain.  But since it is paid for, I believe that is doable. 

Now if I was going to dream about getting a new car though… what would I get?

Ok the is an option, maybe.  I remember when I was in college I always like the Audi and going to Roanoke College I saw a lot of those in the parking lot.  But looking at reviews, even though the V8 sounds powerful and the all over performance is great, the kids-only rear seats and hefty price tag are a turn off for me.

How bout a ?  My brother had one before; I think he had the H3.  But no, he warned me then, they are such gas hogs….who wants to deal with that?  Can’t you just see petite little me up high above the ground driving one of those, though?  Ok, now that would be cool.

But then there’s the .  I hear really great things about the Saturn.   I like the idea behind the hybrids so I would probably consider the  2009 Saturn VUE Hybrid as an option because I also love crossovers.  However, I would try to find a model a year older if one existed in 08…because on a single mom’s budget, you have to keep it within reason.

Another American made option would be the .  If I was looking for a luxury sedan, this might be the way to go; it has roomy seats and a smooth ride.  But no, after driving my Infinity, I really like the feel of the SUV or at the least a crossover.

It would be nice when we take our vacation this summer or go on the Girl Scout trip in August all the way down to Savannah, GA to have a new vehicle for the trips.  I can tell you it is tempting….

So my options?  For now, I am going to keep driving the Infinity, 1999 with all those miles on it…. and keep my options open for later on “down the road.”

Find yourself…keeping it real.

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