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May 28, 2009

Along Came a Spider

I was so grateful last night.  We were trying to get the remainder of our "preparation items" we took with us on the zoo trip... unpacked and put away.  I had dry clothes in a tote bag (in case we had a downpour) and so I asked Kass to take those out and separate them and place them into our rooms. 

When I went to bed last night... there were my clothes she had placed on my bed and I picked them up to put them away.... and low and behold a black spider crawled out from between them! I didn't freak - but didn't want it to end up in my bed covers... so I grabbed something and took care of him.  I know - I should have saved him: calmly coaxing him back out a window or a doorway so he could get back to his natural habitat... and live... just far away from my natural habitat.  But THAT didn't happen.  No, he died, and I tossed him... no longer any good to the environment and all the good things spiders do... I guess.

But in my defense... I am getting over a bad dermatitis reaction to some sumac I cleared out of the yard two weeks ago, not realizing it was poisonous and have been taking Prednisone  to clear it up for over a week.  So I didn't want a spider bite which has in the past caused an infectious reaction to which I have had to take an antibiotic.  And the doctor told me then... stay away from spiders.  Good advice doc.  However, that also means my reaction to them is not that environmentally sound... since I killed it.

But I was grateful - that I saw it.  Grateful he didn't just crawl out before I walked in there and get under my pillow or something where he could bite me in the night.  And because I was alone at the moment... I didn't scream out like someone could take care of it for me... I just "took care of it" for myself.  That is one thing I notice... that now when something goes bump in the night... I am the one that has to just get up and go investigate... and when I see a spider... I can't scream "like a girl" and wait for someone to kill it.  Nope, this single mom... has to just "take care of it."

What have you taken care of lately... because it's what we moms do?

Hopefully you won't hold this against me.  There are plenty of other things you can get up in arms about... with me.... but don't make it the spiders!

Oh and please don't forget to stop by my recent post on Freebies and leave a comment for the random drawing to receive the box of goodies!  I will be pulling a name in about a week. Thanks to all who have stopped by so far.

Find yourself... keeping it real.


Tammy said...

I am with you all the way. When I see a spider, it dies! I don't scream like I used to, but I do take care of it right away!

Ashley said...

Yep, I wish I could scream like a girl, but my little boy takes that role upon himself and I get to be the defender of the universe against itsy bitsy spiders!

debra said...

Bats. In my bedroom. Dive bombing me in the middle of the night. Yeah, that's the lasted single mom feat of valour in my house! Thank god for the cat, I screamed like a girl, and he stepped up and did his job while I slept in the guest room hiding under the covers.

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