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May 29, 2009

My Right Hand Ring

Well I confess, I have had in the back of my mind that I wanted to someday own a "right hand ring."  You single ladies know what I am talking about.  Now that I don't have my wedding set to adorn my hand... I normally don't wear rings.  Occasionally I will wear one of my Gramma's rings that I have, but not very often.  Of course, I can't even begin to afford a "true" right hand ring on my budget and with my priorities in place.  And I definitely don't want to fall victim to thinking that I need something that superficial so badly.  Seriously!

But, I still thought... some day... I will purchase my very own "right hand ring." 

Saturday Mr. M. and I went to the rock and mineral show at one of our local civic centers.  He loves stuff like that and for my perusal....they had jewelry.  So the garnet stone caught my eye and I browsed at each vendor... and came upon this:

100_1648-b ring crpd hnd 2

It's a red garnet (reddish burgundy) set in sterling silver and with the vendor's 50% off that day it was only $20!  So even on my shoestring budget, I took the plunge and bought it. ('Major' investment...I know... but what can I say... I do try to stick my budget.)  It may not be diamonds... and I would never be able to afford a "true" right hand ring... but I am already enjoying it so this one is going to do me just fine.

What little thing have you done to treat yourself lately?

Find yourself... keeping it real.


Ashley said...

I'm glad you can stick to your budget! My "treating myself" blew my budget wide open! I hadn't had a new bra in three years and Victoria's Secret had some on sale, so I bought 3 new bras for $12.99 each, which wasn't bad.

Until I bought 2 pairs of pants that took the total up to $105.


Love the ring, though!

Momma Sunshine said...

Beautiful ring! I bought an awesome one a few months back made out of an antique spoon handle...I love looking at it because it's something that I got just for me.... :)

Alicia said...

I think your ring is classy. $20 is a steal! And honestly, while I like the idea behind right hand rings, I think wearing a diamond on the right hand is a bad idea IF you're looking for guy. Guys are programmed to look for a diamond on a finger - but they're not so smart about remembering to check which hand it is on! So, you'd never know it if Mr. Right spotted you from across the room, saw your right-hand diamond, assumed you were taken, and left... damn luck... lmao. But that's just my crazy take...

Hmmm... what have I done for myself lately? Does ice cream count???

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