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Jun 15, 2009

Awards, Grades, and A’s Oh My

kass b-w frm spn tchr

I sat in the auditorium holding my camera in my lap and listening as they called out names of certificate recipients. Kass had received a couple of certificates so far during her awards assembly, one for math achievement and another one. Now her teacher was announcing the recipients of honor roll. “I have three that received ‘honor-roll,’” he said. The first name he announced was one of Kass’ best friends, but she was absent today. The next name I didn’t recognize as I listened for the third name, thinking it would be Kass…. But… it wasn’t. I was shocked. I started wracking my brain… when did she make a ‘c’?

Then he started again: “This next student made straight A’s not only for the year in her regular courses but made straight A’s all year in her extra course that only a few were selected to take: Spanish.” Then, he said her name.

I was so elated. I couldn’t help but react so I stood up on my feet and started taking pictures of her as she walked up the aisle to receive her award. I didn’t squeal or scream out… but under my breath I did mutter… “You go girl” and “That’s my girl!” I felt bad that I was being “silly” over the excitement of her achievement as I sat there with two other moms I knew well, wondering what they must have thought of my reaction. But I was enjoying the moment as pride for my daughter swelled within me.


Find yourself… keeping it real.

Photo Credit:  Kass' Spanish Teacher took this photo of her.


Ashley said...

And you should enjoy it and be proud!! Congratulations to both mom and daughter!

Alicia said...

Awesome! When it comes to kids, you have every right to stand up, shout, act silly, and everything in the name of pride! Way to go! Is the B&W photo one you took of Kass? Its excellent and she's beautiful!

Katherine said...

Thanks for that both of you! And I meant to post the photo credit.... Kass' Spanish teacher took that photo of her. He was taking photography and used his students as subjects.

Gary "Big Hokie" Cope said...

Congratulations, Kass! And congrats to you, too, mom! You don't need to apologize for being proud of your girl - you know those other parents would have been doing the same thing if had been their daughter. Besides, what kind of parents would be be if we didn't show our kids just how proud we are of them? You done good!

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