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Jul 1, 2009

Fruit2day - Nutrition on the GO

F2D_SO_Splash_Glow Just recently I was able to try... and what a convenient and nutritious little snack... plus tasty too.  My fav is definitely the Mango Peach

If you follow my blog, you know I like to eat healthy.  It can be annoying to the kiddos sometimes, but yes, I do buy wheat burger buns and all-grain cheese crackers.  Remember though, I think our bodies will thank us when we get older!

So that takes care of the grain intake, but what about the other food groups like fruit?  Do you get enough fruit in your diet each day? With our busy lives it can be tough to get it all  consumed daily like we need it.  And now I have found this great way to take care of that problem without the messy, sloppy fruit in plastic containers that I try to buy and put in storage containers for a week at a time.  Not only are these - but they are indeed very tasty.  And my kids like them too!  So we are batting a thousand with these little drinks.  First of all they are 100% natural, full of vitamins and made of 100% juice with no added sugar.  Second, they are not just another fruit drink, these actually have bite size chunks of fruit inside the juice!  They remind me of those cup-of-soup drinks where you get the goodness of a bowl of soup but consume it as a drink.... same concept here with .  These fruit drinks are more like a snack - a healthy snack all-in-one. 

You have to try them!  And if you leave me a comment with your reason for wanting to try these tasty fruit snack drinks, I will place your name and contact info in my little drawing for a coupon from the manufacturer for a FREE 2-pack of Fruit2day

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