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Jun 30, 2009

The Weekend was Full, Harmonious, and Peaceful?

Friday night, the kiddos came home.... and right off the bat, Kass asked if she could have one of her best friends stay the night.  E came over and the rest of the night we made a "dance video" that turned out a little too dark to post, a makeover by both of them on me (no you won't be seeing those pictures), and we ended up walking down to a "cruizin" they held on the main strip near our house with the girls and my son Jas.  To say the least it was a full night.
This was Jason's fav car that night that I attempted to catch on camera.
Saturday I slept in and then had to quickly shower and get ready because Mr. M. and I had made plans to have the kiddos all eat at my house for lunch and then we were taking everyone to see the new "Transformer's" movie for the 1:30 PM show time.  Even though I didn't get up till 10:30 AM I was somehow able to be ready and grilling the hamburgers by 11:30 AM that morning.  Kudos to me!
After the movie we ended up at Mr. M.'s house for an afternoon of bocce ball and table tennis.  We had a great time and the kiddos (all four of them) played great together... I loved seeing the whole gang having such a good time, just hanging out and it didn't even include Television or Video games!
Sunday afternoon, we ended up with more of the same but this time we had a couple of my kiddos' buddies from the neighborhood to join us and we went to a nearby park.  There after we all played more bocce ball, all the 'guys' played basketball and the girls ended up in the creek for most of the afternoon.  Here are a few shots:

A little action on the court... between Jas and Mr. M.'s oldest son.

Block it Mr. M.!   I loved catching them in the air.....
park-creek-fri-pm094-b-e jump
Below I caught them lined up.... for a cool photo.
Jas.... could you try that move one more time?  Did you learn that from another sport or dance class?  Just kidding.
The girls in the creek... along with Mr. M.'s youngest son... he would go back and forth from the ball game to the creek.  He wasn't sure which activity he wanted to do more.
At one point I wanted to capture a peaceful moment listening to the stream running on the rocks, so I took this video.  Can you hear the kiddos in the background?  So much for some peace and quiet, eh?

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