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Aug 24, 2009

Back to School… Ready or Not?

Some of the schools in the area started back TODAY!  Mr. M.’s boys were included in that bunch…. It is hard to believe it is already here.  Summer is coming to an end.  Your kiddos’ class photo might not look like this one above, but perhaps…. they are just as ‘happy’ about going back.

My kiddos have until September 8, because their school system always waits till after labor day but we are trying to get ready for the big day.  I made an attempt to buy some of their supplies for ‘back to school’ during the tax-free weekend in Virginia… but we have a ways to go. 

I did find these tips for back to school from Real Simple Magazine to be helpful.  Check them out when you have five minutes to get organized.

They also have some ideas to make it less stressful!  So check out that link too.  It’s time for chaotic mornings and rushed afternoons…once again.

Do you have any tips for us moms as we gear up and psych ourselves up for back to school?

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Photo Credit:  http://www.ncculture.org/HistoryHappens/PhotoGallery/images/largephoto/schooldays1940.jpeg
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