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Aug 25, 2009

It Was Our Weekend

This past Friday was the beginning of our weekend together.  It was rare for us (Mr. M. & me) not to have any of our kiddos.  His visitation includes every weekend for his boys to be with him but this was their week of vacation to be with their mom.  So here we were with a weekend that was rare, as I have already shared… and it was a big deal.  I was just glad we had worked through that “bump” in the road for the most part… so it wouldn’t be a weekend of more stress… but just a time for us to spend together.

Friday I had off from work and Mr. M. took a half day… so we got started early.  We started the afternoon with me wanting to get some shots close to home.  We were going to play tourists in our own backyard by going downtown and hanging out and getting photographs.  I know…(dorky) but I love taking pictures!

downtown weeknd001

Here we are on our way downtown in the car as I take this photo out the window.

downtown weeknd002

The clouds got me worried… that we might have our little adventure rained upon… but we headed that way with tripod in hand anyway.

downtown weeknd005

It’s not a very good representation of our new art museum… but this is from the car as we are driving by one of our most recently built architectures and one of the most controversial… but I personally love the building.  And look at those clouds reflecting off it’s glass!

downtown weeknd010

Finally we were out and walking down the city streets.

downtown weeknd052

I like taking these “angle” shots of large buildings…. Mr. M. – he wonders about me :)

downtown weeknd065-bl

And here we are reflecting in the windows… of the store fronts downtown.  I know – my son tells me I am quite the nerd.

downtown weeknd090-bl

Then we walked around Elm Park… downtown.

downtown weeknd094-light-bl downtown weeknd097








downtown weeknd114

 downtown weeknd133-bl

After leaving the park we were both captivated by this building and the way the clouds reflected in it’s windows….kinda cool…. anyway.

More about our weekend….soon…

Find yourself… keeping it real.


Tammy said...

Love your photos!

Tammy said...

Love your photos!

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