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Aug 13, 2009

Oh Savannah…. Don’t you cry for me

(I know…. not quite the way it goes, but…)

Here is a snapshot view of the trip… but not everything… for more you need to take look at the .

But some of my favs are below:

savannah  fam-reun076-b2

From the steeple of this church is where the feather fell during the famous scene in the movie, Forest Gump.  If you haven’t seen the movie (like Mr. M.) which is hard to believe… you have to see it.

savannah  fam-reun126-b-p

I loved this shot on River Street above.  I have it on my computer desktop right now… though it was tough choosing just one for the desktop (out of the 694!)

savannah  fam-reun174-b-p

This is Paula Dean’s restaurant. Lady and Sons (you may have seen her on the food channel).  I took this while in a carriage ride… so it may be a little blurry… but still cool.

savannah  fam-reun516-p-b-g

This is the Juliet Gordon Low birthplace.  She started Girl Scouts in America in 1912.

savannah  fam-reun558-p-k-b

My baby doll in the garden at the Juliet Gordon Low birthplace.

savannah  fam-reun145-p-crpd-b

Another view from River Street.

Now before you take the longer look at my photo album, don’t forget to leave a comment to win the adorable apron!

Find yourself… keeping it real.

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