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Aug 14, 2009

Jon and Kate… What do you think?

“WOW”…. yeah that’s what I would say too, Kate.

I found this link on www.momlogic.com this morning from the “Live with Regis and Kelly” that aired Thursday.  I think Kate handled the question well.  This is a tough time and would be for anyone… spotlight or not. 

But what is Regis thinking?  Is he trying to pretend they live a fairytale after all?

I hate the way this has all played out for them, .  Remember I watch the show and was hoping for the happier ending with what began back in February.  But now she does have to move forward, make the most of it, and consider the wellbeing of her kids with what is revealed about them personally in these next months of proceedings. 

Will she be able to continue the saga on their television series as a single mom?  Dynamics of life change when you are a single parent.  And she is a single parent with eight children, remember.  I realize she does have constant help, thanks to their income from the show….so maybe she can pull this off.  But I think, like others, perhaps now is time for a break from some of this limelight.

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StudentMama said...

New to posting!

I'm probably one of the few who actually has some sympathy towards this family. As much as they have chosen this path - I doubt these consequences ever played out in their mind.

They have their faults, both of them. I also think they enjoy the fame a little too much, but seriously, it would take a pretty strong person to walk away from the fortune, especially when there are 8 kids and single parenthood lingering.

Both of them have to move forward. Beyond the camera, and money - they are still very much trying to be a family and find a way to provide.

They will figure it out, not sure that the show will continue - but I hope the outcome is whatever is best for the entire family, especially the children.

Blasé said...

I think both of them are idiots. Time revealed it.

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