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Aug 17, 2009

Staying Busy But Dainty All the Same

Well the kiddos have been gone with their dad a week and they have one more week before they get back from vacationing with him.  I try to get some of those odd jobs done around the house while they are away, so…..this was a working weekend.

My good friend came down and we worked on putting the new light fixture in .  I had to wait for him to redo the electrical in the wall so the new light could be put in and moved higher on the wall making room for the mirror/medicine cabinet.  Mr. M. doesn’t like to do electrical… so I waited for Brooks to do the honors. 

Well you know how our projects usually end up being an adventure… but we were happy that we only blew one fuse in the process and only had to make one trip to the hardware store!

I need to show you guys photos of the progress…. so far… I will try to post updated photos soon.

After getting some of that work done, we also put together a new pantry cabinet for my dining room.  So I took the day off today to get that organized and my other cabinets cleaned and re-organized.  It was hard work… but I was pleased with the end results.  Plus I got to use my “Gloveables" I received from www.SingleEdition.com.   The pretty yet durable waterproof rubber gloves make working with the scrub brushes and buckets… dainty and “fashionable.”

I also started a book I was asked to review, 101Questions Kids Really Ask… And The Answers They Need To Know by Mary H. Halter.  When I finish I will share my thoughts about the book…. but I will tell you, so far I am impressed.

So I have been staying busy and want to cross a few more off my list of projects before school starts in September…. maybe.

image Now if you haven’t left a comment (or two) to try to win the adorable little apron from , jump on .   Only a few more days to get a chance to receive it.

Find yourself… keeping it real. 

1 comment:

Momma Sunshine said...

I love those weekends when I'm able to get some projects done. I have so many things on my "to-do list" right now...I hate that. BAH!

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