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Mar 16, 2009

a Work in Progress....

half-bath remodel  half bath remodel


Well it has a long way to go..... but starting Thursday of last week, . and I worked on taking out the old commode and the old sink from my half-bath to start a semi-remodeling job.  After taking them out we also decided to take down a couple walls and of course the floor in the process.  The first couple pics above are after they were removed, the unfinished look of the room.  Friday I picked up some lumber and a mirror and cabinet from my good friend Keith. He had these leftover from some of his own projects and offered them to me.  Nice.  I appreciated his generosity.  Saturday another good friend, Brooks arrived at 10:30 am and we began the day of boxing in the electrical units, putting up drywall, and putting in the new commode and pedestal sink.  It was quite eventful with three different trips to the hardware store, but it was also quite productive.

half bath remodel

half bath remodel half bath remodel


We do still have a ways to go to get this where I want it to be... but it's in process and I can't wait to show you the finished room.  Thanks to Mr. M., Brooks, and Keith for everything each of them did so far. 

Leaks in the forecast

. and I will be working on the newly found leaky water valve leading to the sink soon; looks like the valves for hot and cold will have to be replaced so that is the next step in the process.  Trying to put in something new at my older home always leads to a leaky pipe or valve somewhere, right?  Remember the ice maker line when I got the new refrigerator?

Well we have our work cut out for us... for a while... and Mr. M. did ask remember

A Day for Play

Oh and the last few days have not been all work and no play.  We (Mr. M. and I) did manage to take the day Sunday (my birthday), the foggy, rainy day that it was and hang out with no work on the agenda.  We ended up and I took a few more photographs.  Later he placed my birthday gift around my neck.  I will take a pic of that and share it with you soon, I promise.

star mill mountain star- g.s. carshow005

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