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Mar 3, 2009


snow and retro items053

This weekend I got some needed downtime, some me-time. As you recall from my last weekend, there wasn’t a moment’s rest; so rest was not only welcomed it was warranted. The kiddos were off with their dad and Mr. M. was going to spend some quality time with his boys. Saturday morning I read more on my book club book, Oceans Apart and cleaned house. I even got started on my spring cleaning. My sister came by that afternoon and between chatting and her dropping off some things she was trying to clean out of our mom’s stuff she also picked up her items from our aunt that had just passed away December of last year.

Saturday was productive and we ended up going over to the antique mall nearby. Yes, even though I was trying to clean out the clutter, I ended up with a couple purchases I couldn’t pass up. One is a secret because it is a birthday present for a friend of mine and the other matches my dining room perfectly and was such a cute retro set… I couldn’t resist!

snow and retro items069

Sunday when I woke up there were flurries coming down, just enough to tease us into thinking we would get snow. At least, I thought it was a tease. After our last disappointing snow day-not happening, I was not getting my hopes up.

I went to church that morning and enjoyed the sermon on "listening to God" and "hearing His guiding voice." I prayed back at my seat that he would guide me on my newly developing journey.

As I left church the snow continued to blow and stick to the grass a little. Could it be? Were we going to finally get our real snow, our first one on March1?

We did. I got my snow day on Monday after all! Here are a few photos Mr. M. and I took Sunday afternoon before it got worse on the parkway. We of course had to make a trek up to “our spot” at the star as Mr. M. now fondly refers to it.


snow and retro items024

snow and retro items011

snow and retro items018

snow and retro items035

snow and retro items037

snow and retro items039

snow and retro items056

snow and retro items041

snow and retro items052

snow and retro items064

You have to LOVE a SNOW day!

Photo Credits:  This time, they're all mine!

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