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Aug 18, 2009

Keep it Super Simple, Mom (Kiss’m)

walk  058


Our we “should do” as a parent get longer every day.  I was reminded of this in the published letter from the editor in this year’s “Real Simple Family” special issue.  I could so relate as she reiterated how every mother we know, book we read, and friends (some who don’t even have children) all seem to carry more wisdom for us to glean from. 

Keeping it simple

Some of that wisdom I do “hope” to absorb, but many times all those new “should do’s” as a mom don’t stick and I’m back to simply picking my battles and trying to keep everyone safe and healthy (and sometimes even entertained) when possible under my watch.

At the end of the day that might be all I can manage to do and pray God keeps His big hands of protection around my kiddos, protecting them from that big ole’ world out there and protecting them from possible consequences of my mistakes I know I still make sometimes as their mom.

Photo above I took out on a walk with Mr. M. last night…. The sunset was gorgeous.

Find yourself… keeping it real.

1 comment:

Robin said...

That sunset is gorgeous. We all need time to just be, and absorb the sunset and each other:)

One of the tons of parenting books I'd read when my daughter was much younger talked about balance and quality. Basically, it said that we don't have to get an "A" in everything (parenting, householding stuff, paid work stuff, volunteer work, etc.), and it'd be difficult to get an A plus in it all, so strive for a solid B or B plus in parenting, allow yourself to be human and not perfect about it (i.e., relax!), and that B at work, too, if you can. Interesting perspective, anyway, which I think could mesh with our post, too.

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