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Aug 18, 2009

Two for One Tuesday….Inspiring Mom

Recently… Lisa won a contest put on by BillMeLater.com and Zappos.com for moms as Household CEO’s by making this video.

She shares about her entry and I quote:

“This is my entry into the BillMeLater & Zappos Household CEO Contest. I enlisted the help of my whole family, and all of them (especially my husband) were great sports about it. Some days I feel like the CEO, and others like the housekeeper, but I am grateful for my family and enough to get by. What a great contest and opportunity. Thanks, BillMeLater and Zappos!!!” – Lisa Roberts

She is an inspiration to all of us moms…. and said the $2500 she won in prize money will be going toward ‘back to school bonuses for her staff’….hope you enjoy the video.

Find yourself… keeping it real.

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