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Oct 9, 2009

Custom Made Jewelry Anyone?

Mr. M. makes jewelry… maybe you saw the necklace he made for my birthday this past year.

Because he does custom made designs and sizes (imagine a bracelet made to fit exactly where you want it on your wrist), I asked him if I could put some of his stuff on my blog site for you to order.  He said, sure.

But before I start showing some different designs we have picked out for the site, I wanted to get some feedback.

Please participate in this poll below (see the ) or leave me a comment.  You can do either one anonymously if you wish.  Just let me know what you are thinking!

Ok and so you have an idea what I am talking about– here is my favorite item he has made so far:

bracelet003 blog

Can you see the flower motif in the Japanese Lace design? (You know I love my daisies!)  I just fell in love with this. (And I have earrings that match.)

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