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Nov 17, 2009

Writing IS Cathartic

I was recently approached via email by Leah Carey about a project she is initiating for personal development through writing prompts.  Writing is cathartic, I totally believe that on so many levels.  Her idea is a great one so I wanted to share it.  November 18 is the kickoff and she is focusing on two groups with this initial project of writing ideas, divorce and breast cancer.  Having survived divorce, she contacted me to share this with my readers and I hope you will jump over to her site and check out this great project.

Here is her spill verbatim:

“The WriteAway concept is based on the use of writing as a healing art.  I have been facilitating writing workshops for about five years to support people in healing their thoughts, beliefs, and fears around issues like breast cancer and aging.  You can see the results of this work at the Video Gallery on my website (www.leahcarey.com).  WriteAway is my first foray into bringing this work to an online community.

At 9 AM each weekday morning for 40 days, I will post a writing prompt that offers participants a vehicle for exploring their thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and experiences around divorce. Prompts will be available through my website, Twitter, and Facebook.  My suggestion is that participants spend approximately 20 minutes each day on this activity.

Because the questions are designed to help people dig deep and move forward in the healing process, it is important that there be a place of support for participants.  At my website there is also a WriteAway Forum where writers can post what they’ve written, read other people’s writing, discuss their feelings, challenges and victories, and support each other through the process of healing. Participating in the forums is not required; they are simply available as a place to share, learn, and grow.

About once a week, I will blog in response to what I am reading on the boards.  My primary interest is always in maintaining and promoting an atmosphere of healing and forward movement, and my blog entries and all interaction with participants will reflect that.

The first writing prompts will be posted on Wednesday, November 18 at 9 AM.  People can join the process at any time, and everyone who has been through a divorce is welcome.” …. Leah Carey


Leah’s website - www.leahcarey.com/writeaway
Leah’s Twitter – www.twitter.com/leah_carey
THE PROJECT on Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/pages/WriteAway-with-Leah-Carey/174131584874?ref=mf

Find yourself… keeping it real.

1 comment:

BigLittleWolf said...

There is no question that writing is healing, and also a source of learning. Often, we don't realize a thing until we force ourselves to put it into words. By doing so in writing, we have the words to look back on, to repeat, to absorb.

Following any devastating event - and divorce is just one of them - the words we spill onto the page are a means of emptying some of the pain, without burdening others. When those words are spilled into an online community - we can share, provide an ear, hold a hand. Yet one more benefit.

With even more healing power.

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