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Dec 16, 2009

A Little Magic of Christmas

One of our family traditions with Christmas each year is we try to go see the Christmas lights around the neighborhood one night during the season.  I went with Mr. M and his boys last weekend and soon we will be taking my kiddos.  But one house that stood out way above the rest was especially magical.  So I had to take my kiddos by the other night… even though we will get to see the rest of our tour when we have more time. 

These people have it going on… you see their Christmas lights for decoration– are more like a full blown show.  They put a lot of time, energy, knowledge (techy) and obviously some money into their presentation.

Here is just one photo from their website, www.starcitylights.com :


You might say… aaaah, that’s nice.  But you have got to see the presentation and tune into their short wave radio station they transmit to appreciate the experience.  The lights are synchronized with the music and they have several songs they play during the show.  It is mesmerizing and my almost 15 year old absolutely was impressed by it.  I know this because later that night… after we sat and watched the entire show of songs outside this house… when we were back home, he said, “That house was so cool.”

Hey, if I can impress my 15 year old with anything, I am happy!

Please check out their website www.starcitylights.com for directions (if you are close by) or to see videos they have posted from their show from last year.  Again – you have to see it live to come away – with a feeling of a little “magic”.

Find yourself… keeping it real.


heather {desperately seeking} said...

Ok, we're there. We've been driving around trying to find lights and this year? I guess people just aren't decking the yards like they normally do! Thanks for the info! I just sent the link to the boy!

Laura said...

Adorable display. I'm a bit jealous they have so much time to put this all together! Wow!

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