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Dec 18, 2009

Home For Christmas

image Well with the forecasted MAJOR snow storm coming to the east coast… including my city nestled in the valley of these mountains…I came home early from work, and the kids were let out early from school today.

It’s after 2pm and the snow hasn’t made itself visible yet, but I understand from the meteorologists that it is dissipating at this point in the upper atmosphere…blah blah blah… hopefully we will get to see it in reality soon.  I get as excited as the kiddos when I think … I love a snow day! 

But at this point, since today was my official last day of work before the Christmas holidays… I am now home for Christmas for good… other than finishing my last minute gift shopping and to get food between now and the first of the year. Woo Hoo!  It is one of our blessed perks at the office – two weeks off for Christmas.

In the meantime… I will try to post and let you know just how much snow we end up with…

Merry Christmas everyone… enjoy your special time with family and friends… that is my wish to you!

Oh and before I could finish this blog and hit publish…

It started snowing!  It’s beautiful.

Find Yourself… keeping it real.

1 comment:

Blasé said...

You Love Snow? COOL!

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