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Jan 19, 2010

As Far As Mondays Go….

For my day off Monday, I was able to get some things done around the house and finished reading a book I started recently titled, Mr. Darcy Broke My Heart by Beth Pattillo.  I received an advance copy to do a review from Phenix & Phenix Literary Publicists and was very impressed.  If any of you reading this post are Jane Austen fans.. let me start by saying:  you definitely must read this book.  And if you aren’t crazy about Jane Austen – but you think Mr. Darcy is the dreamiest… then you also must read this book.

It’s of course a love story… but enticing and exciting with it’s setting in Oxford as the main character, Claire, takes a week long seminar about Pride and Prejudice and in turn meets her very own version of Mr. Darcy.  Since she already has a boyfriend back home (Neil), it proves to be quite the love triangle as it quickly evolves into something she hadn’t intended.  Her good intentions also place her in the middle of a mystery long held at Oxford as she finds herself in possession of some ancient writings never published of the renowned author, Jane Austen.

The plot picks up quickly right from the start and keeps you captivated, because I couldn’t put the book down.  For me that doesn’t happen often, but this book did the job well.  So you may want to and check it out for yourself.

There’s still more to my Monday being a good day.  Not only because I was able to get some things done (including that book, Mr. Darcy Broke My Heart) but also because my blog was highlighted on a social community website – just for moms! I was so flattered when they approached me late last year about this opportunity to be highlighted for a week during their blog tour on .  I started visiting last year and found it a good resource for kids crafts, holiday ideas, family fun, recipes, saving money, alternative health and nutrition…even ways to keep the romance in your personal life.   I hope you will take a moment to visit their site, www.mom-stuff.com, take a look around, and leave a comment or two.  I also have a quick link on the top right side bar of my blog where you can click over to their site anytime.

So as far as Mondays go - a day off, with time to catch up, read a good book, AND get my blog site highlighted by www.mom-stuffcommunity.com, that’s not such a bad Monday.

Find yourself… keeping it real.

1 comment:

dianne said...

Thank you for the nice comments. I love having you on the Mom-Stuff Blog Tour. I love your blog it is really helpful and honest. dianne

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