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Jan 7, 2010

Thankful for Christmas

Metal Balls, Florida, January 2007 Christmas has already passed and I haven’t even shared much with you about mine.  Sadly I didn’t even take any pictures throughout all of our celebrations.  I don’t have an explanation why… I was just too busy with entertaining or milling about from place to place, I guess… but I am kicking myself for not taking photos.  Yes it is sad.  So take note of the photographers name at the end of this post – to whom I want to give credit for this lovely photo to the right.

Now this leads me to the presents of Christmas.  I gave Jas and Kass an iPod Touch and they love them.  They truly are cool and now I want one!  But I guess I will just use theirs from time to time to get my fill for using one.  These were gifts I had to plan for in advance by saving what I could and then ordered back in October to help spread out the cost of the Christmas season. 

For Mr. M. I ordered 8X10 prints of some of the photographs I had taken of his boys and had them matted and framed as a series.  I did a couple of these as black and white versions and one in color.  My favorite was of his youngest that was highlighted in my list of biggest little things for 2009.

One of my favorite gifts I received would have to be a lovely personally made just for me necklace to match the bracelet I got over a month ago… from, of course, you guessed it: Mr. M.  I will take a picture of it soon so you can see what it looks like.  (Yes I promise to take pictures… this time.)

So what was one of your favorite gifts this Christmas?  What were some of the favorite gifts you gave your kiddos?  Did you give a to your daughter?  Did you give a masculine necklace to your son? 

My kiddos also received jewelry especially made for them by Mr. M.  Jas received a cool necklace in a pattern that is chunky and masculine and Kass got earrings made just for her. 

It was a great Christmas season… and not just because of these unique gifts… but because we got to be together with each of our families.  Mr. M. was a part of my Christmas celebration with my brother, his wife, my sister, and her family.  And my kiddos and I spent Christmas with Mr. M’s family including his mom, stepdad, sister and her family.  We had lots of fun, lots of food, and yes lots of gifts were also in the mix.

Now that it’s all behind us… have you reflected to be thankful for your Christmas?

Find yourself… keeping it real.

Photo Credit: Photographer: Giovanni Gagliardi
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