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Jan 26, 2010

WOW, That’s a Low Price

Emotional Night of Retrospect

Last week Jas turned 15. Yes you read correctly; my oldest is fifteen years old.  I used to tell people I had him at the age of 12…(tongue in cheek) because it makes me feel “slightly” old to have a teenager for a son.  Since I am refusing to get old… I will just say slightly.   That was an emotional night for me.

I enjoyed taking the kiddos and Mr. M out for a birthday dinner celebration.  We had a super time together.  It wasn’t that.  I just started thinking after I went to bed that night about all those years ago when he was just a toddler, my little boy.  It made my heart ache.  Watching them grow up so fast really gets to me sometimes. 

In three years he will be going off to college and I am crying at the thought of him turning 15 – by then I will be a basket case.  Where is my counselor?  We need to prepare for this.

Entertainment in Kroger

Tonight after we went out for pizza, we all went to the grocery store.  I needed some things (and still ended up forgetting the batteries I needed for the smoke detectors). – Remind me to tell you about that story sometime.  One started going off at 2:30 am last night and I ended up taking down all three around my room before I found the culprit! And I do digress.  Where were we? Oh, so we were at the grocery store.  Any time I take both kiddos with me to any store I am reminded why I try to do this as a solo activity.  Can you relate?

Jas got stuck on the new Staples commercial and ended up reciting the line from it all over the store.  Not kidding.  And loudly so.  You haven’t seen it? Check my link below.  This is what he was doing all through Kroger.  But I do love him…

Oh and for the sake of the FTC, this is not a sponsored blog.  I just like shopping at Kroger and this is my son’s latest fave commercial.

Find yourself…keeping it real.

Video Credit: YouTube\stapleschannel


Trish said...

Oh my goodness Kat I can't believe Jas is 15! WOW where has time gone!

desertmom said...

I loved this! I laughed my head off imagining a 15 year old doing this all over the grocery store. There's nothing like bein' a mom!

desertmom said...

This is great! I laughed my head off imagining a 15 year old doing this all over a grocery store! There's nothing like bein' a mom!

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