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Feb 27, 2010

When It’s Hard to Talk About…

What do you do?

What do you do when you have to tell your significant other something that is difficult?  Difficult for you to say and difficult for them to hear.  Photoxpress_5780348

Do you hide behind the computer screen, sending them an email or an instant message hoping for the best?

Do you ask for a few moments of privacy and share it in person?

How do they react when you finally say it?

How do you react to their reaction?

Sometimes there will be difficult issues that come up and have to be discussed in relationships – hard things that would be easy to just ignore or pretend didn’t exist.  But to keep the relationship healthy you have to confront these “issues,” talk about the tough stuff, and get it out there in the open. 

Early in relationships – or even months and months in – this can be difficult to confront.  You are unsure how the other person will react or if they will just withdraw and shut you out.  But you still have to deal with these kinds of things.  You need to know how the other person will handle the bumps in the road anyway (if there is to be any future in this relationship), so go ahead, share it, get it over with.

I did.

It’s a process sometimes when working through things that are difficult to talk about.  Sometimes that process takes time and more than one conversation.

Just remember talking can be gentle – it doesn’t have to be scary.

What do you do when you have to talk about the ‘tough stuff’?

Find yourself… keeping it real.

photo credit: photoXpress.com/Pavel Losevsky
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