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Mar 5, 2010

Gospel According to Lost – The Review

The other night I turned over to ABC on the television and realized Lost was coming on.  I squealed like a little girl.  I love the show.  I was an avid fan from scene 1, season 1.  The writers are talented to say the least and even way back then I compared the show to box-office-hit movies.  With the suspense and intrigue, they had me atlost hello.

I watched the first two seasons and then they changed their night, changed the time, and I fell off the  bandwagon.  I’m a single mom – I only have so much time and can only adjust so much of my schedule around television and no, I don’t own TiVo.  So two more seasons went by, then three, and I became “lost” to what was going on; but still fondly referred to them as a fav TV show.  And this year (their final season forever) I have started watching again.

A few months back I was able to pick a book to review from some recent releases from Thomas Nelson.  And there it was.  My book.  The book that was written just for me.  The Gospel According to Lost by Chris Seay

So of course it was my choice for the review and they shipped it to me.  I just finished it and if you love the show or even if you just “put up with” the show, this is a great book.  It helps you put together the pieces of the story and the characters better because this outlines each of them and helps you to understand their underlying motives, backgrounds and personalities.

But the book does more than just outline the characters, it helps put their role and the role of the island in a perspective parallel with salvation, God’s love, and how we make choices in this journey.  I enjoyed the parallels and how the writer elaborates on grace and it’s manifestation in “Jacob’s” acceptance and encouragement of our beloved “Lost” characters regardless of their spicy backgrounds.  And I won’t even tell you the “couple” he chooses from the story as the true example of “love”. 

Chris Seay’s writing is well done as he portrays each character and points out their purpose or his observed purpose for them in the show.  So be sure and check out the book and see if you agree, as we all wait to see just how our questions will be answered and exactly how this is all going to turn out for Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Sayid, Hurley, and all the others in the series finale. 

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