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Mar 4, 2010

Conversations of Conspiracy

Jas: Did you have your milk?freeimages.co.uk food images

me: yes

Jas: Oh (as he is making his cereal)

me: You can use up the rest of the milk if you need to.

Jas: No, I don’t like the last part of the milk.

me: What?

Jas: It gets nasty at the bottom of the jug.

me: Why would you say that?  Nobody puts their mouth on the bottle.

Jas: The bottom.  It just does – and I always end up with the last part of the milk.  How is that?

me: We save it for you, Jas.  We see that it’s getting almost empty and say – I am going to save this for Jas.  Yep. That’s what we do.  (He found us out. It’s a conspiracy against him and the milk.)


And you know that is truth, because I have nothing more important or captivating going on in my world so I definitely have time to calculate when the milk is about to run out – and strategically save that last 8-10 ounces for him every time we go through a gallon.  Which is about twice a week. Yep.  And I was wondering why I haven’t had time for other things like:  counting the seeds in the jar of pickles or how many layers remain on the onions in the pantry.  Where are my priorities?  Now I know. 

The world can be a better place… the mystery has been solved for Jas and his milk debacle.

Find yourself…keeping it real.

Photo Credit: stockvault.net/freeimageslive
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