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Mar 12, 2010


March is the month I put on that is supposed to focus on me.

But I am tired.

Now when I suggest I even want to take a month and focus on myself – I hope you don’t get the idea I am pamper2 narcissistic even though I do tend to engage in self-reflection.  I realize I run the risk of appearing that way to some by posting this… but oh well… this is my blog.  And my mom used to tell me as a little girl instead of talking about what everyone else is doing talk about and focus on what you are doing (but again I digress).

Either way,  I put me as a focus for the month of March.  Read some more of my blog if you are new here – and I hope you understand what I mean.

As a single mom, I don’t have much time, energy, or the finances to go overboard in pampering myself… so don’t think I am high maintenance nor am I suggesting I want anything of the sort.  I just needed some focus on me or “fixing me up” kind of me-time.

But I am tired.


And it’s just March.

Does this mean I am getting old?

Don’t answer that.

Nope, not old, just tired.

Tired of the nonsense we have to deal with in life.

What nonsense you say?

The nonsense of who’s going to do what and how I am going to say this and how we are going to look when we say and do that.  And again, I digress…

But I do have a list of what I plan to do at some point during the month of March

  1. Get a haircut. (I haven’t had one in over a year – unless you count the many times I have grabbed a pair of scissors and started snipping away at some layers through the top or wisps in the front to frame my face.  Yes I know, brave to try to do this myself.) But I plan to get a professional to do it this time.
  2. And get the color professionally done. (Again it’s been a year since I had that done too unless you count the boxes of root touchups I use once a month.)
  3. A manicure and a massage are on the list:  the massage was a Christmas present from my best friend, TB – I have yet to find time for myself to even get to use it.
  4. And do I dare – go buy a new outfit? Or how about just socks – I seriously need some new trouser socks and knee highs.  I think they have gotten disappointed at work with my constant appearance in my comfy shoes – with no socks.

Oh well.

Since I am tired – I have an excuse, right?

Hello, is this thing on?

Please leave a comment or two… I love to hear from my readers…

What do you think about this special me-time for March?

Don’t we need to take some time out to pamper ourselves as moms (especially single moms) once in a while?

When was the last time you did something special for yourself?

Find yourself… keeping it real.

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