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Mar 14, 2010

Yearning for Spring – Photo Journal

dayparkanticipatespring 2010-03-08 020

Monday last week I decided with the air so warm (in the high sixties) and me so antsy for spring, I would take the afternoon off.  Kass and I took Happy and Jovi to a neighborhood park and spent a few hours enjoying the spring-like day.

dayparkanticipatespring 2010-03-08 021

(The following I wrote in my journal while at the park.)

It feels so good to have the sun on my back sitting at a picnic table (scratch that) on a bench (since I had to move to another spot as Kass moved to another area of the park). 

dayparkanticipatespring 2010-03-08 002 

Kass is playing with Happy and Jovi while I enjoy the afternoon - enjoy 60+ temps and sunshine.  I needed some outdoor relaxation.  And they need some exercise and change of scenery.

 dayparkanticipatespring 2010-03-08 017

A change of scenery is good for all of us.  Even if Jovi did get off her leash and collar when we first arrived.  It was too loose.  Chasing her around like a mad woman – that was me.

dayparkanticipatespring 2010-03-08 007

The trees stand bare of leaves, naked before the sun yearning for the buds that will bring leaves – the same way we yearn for spring to bring relief from a long winter.

The breeze reminds me it’s not summer yet as I appreciate the sleeves of my sweater.  But the sun feels so wonderful – even the cool breeze can’t make me want to leave.  Not this time.

The blue sky – so clear, so vibrant.  How long has it been since I have sat below such a sky with no agenda, no place to rush to?  Too long.

dayparkanticipatespring 2010-03-08 012

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