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Mar 16, 2010

Creating Bridges Over the Dinner Table +CONTEST

Some of my favorite “family times” with the kiddos are over the dinner table.  I don’t know if you still hold to this tradition of getting everybody together for the evening meal, but I am a strong advocate for the family dinner table.  It is during this time that we have sibling rivalry in full force – that is true; but it is also the time we get to share with each other about our day, our exciting news, our newest or latest and greatest whatever it might be.  We love to tell each other what new information we have learned or new gimmick we came across during our day… and this keeps us communicating. (So important!)

And yes I know what you are saying, “but my day is too busy to plan a meal,” or “we are all going in different directions with this game and this meeting to be together to eat dinner.”  (I do understand) But you can find a way to do what is important to you. My advice – is simply start making it important.  You won’t be sorry if you do.

If you have trouble finding the time to make an excessive meal AND sit down together to enjoy it – shorten the workload and occasionally pickup food on your way home.  Obviously, you nor I can do this everyday, but sometimes I will pick up Chinese food or pizza on the way home from work to help with this task.  They do the work and I take it home for us to find the time to sit down together to eat it.

With pizza on the brain, I wanted to also share a current sweepstakes in my local area:

Pass the Pie

Here are some details about Pass the Pie Roanoke Area:

  • This sweepstakes is open exclusively to residents of Roanoke City, Lynchburg City, as well as residents of the following Virginia counties: Roanoke, Montgomery, Henry, Pittsylvania, Franklin, Boutetourt, Bedford, Wythe and Rockbridge.
  • The winner will receive a year’s worth of free pizza from Papa John’s.
  • To enter: Fill out the form at http://PassthePieRoanokeArea.com. After you enter, you will be asked to share contest details with your friends on Twitter or Facebook.
  • Everyone who enters will receive a special discount to Roanoke-area Papa John’s locations for his/her time.

It’s that simple.  So take a moment, fill out the form, tweet about it, and then take a night to use that discount and get pizza… and get those kiddos talking around the dinner table.

Remember even when you want to say… “could you please shut up be quiet so I can hear myself think while we eat,” keep them chatting anyway… because when they are teens and you want them to open up, your bridge you have created in communication now – will be so helpful.  Trust me on that one.

Find yourself… keeping it real.

Full Disclosure:  Papa Johns contacted me requesting I share this sweepstakes with you and have offered me a free pizza for sharing it with you my blog readers.
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