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Mar 18, 2010

Enjoying Paris over Lunch

Someday I am going to Italy.  I have said this

. is Italian. He was born there and lived there as a child. But that’s not the only reason I would like to go – I just want to travel to Europe, and I thought that would be a lovely place to start.

I plan to learn some Italian (Mr. M. and I have already bought the book to get us started).  But I took French in college, so Paris would also be an awesome place to visit if I end up in Europe in my future travels.

Now what got me thinking about all this traveling?

Was it my spring break vacation coming up in a couple weeks when the kiddos are out of school?


Was it trying to plan what I am going to do with my kiddos when we take a week off in the summer?


I was just enjoying “Stumble it” over my lunch break and found this awesome panorama view of Paris… via webcam:  http://www.gillesvidal.com/blogpano/paris.htm!

Take 2 minutes and check it out.

Find yourself… keeping it real.



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