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Mar 22, 2010

Back to the Land of the Living

And I thought .

I’m sick.  Have been for a week now and finally getting over it.  I thought it was just a head cold when it started.  But by the fourth or fifth day I started running a fever and was achy all over.  Then I knew this was more.

My diagnosis at the urgent care that night was URI… but now with three+ straight days running a fever 1161454_thermometer_and_pills around 102… it makes me wonder if it wasn’t the flu. (Don’t get up in arms – I don’t think it was the infamous swine flu.) Just the flu.

But it caused me to slow down, TO. A. HALT.

I didn’t work Friday and had to cancel ALL my weekend plans helping Kass’ troop and teaching a class at church.  With the meds I was taking, and my achy energy lacking body, I didn’t feel like driving.  So Friday morning, came to take Kass to school.  I was so grateful.

I slept a lot.  Didn’t eat much and then slept some more.

I didn’t even feel like blogging… (I know, right!?)

So my ended up including more of a me-getting-sick-month than I was hoping for, but it slowed me down.  Sometimes we need to slow down.  Just hope I have that over for a while…. the slowing down due to sickness part.  I slowed. I halted. I even stopped.

Now I just need to get back to the land of the living.

Not much energy yet. 

But today’s goal (written Sunday) is to stay up for more than four hours at a time and to eat more than I have the last three days (which wouldn’t take much to outdo).

Find yourself… keeping it real.

Photo Credit: sxc.hu/photo/d-s-n
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