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Apr 16, 2010

How Vintage

Vintage clothing.  All the rage?  No?

Wait… maybe.

Remember Seinfeld’s episode when Kramer was going vintage? 

Many people love the vintage look.  I know as a single mom, I often shop online at eBay or at thrift shops, goodwill, and Plato's Closet buying ‘gently used’ clothes.  Most of the time I am looking for remotely current fashion, but I have been on the search for vintage clothes before as well.  You have to scan a lot of pieces to find what you really want unless you go to vintage specialty shops.

A couple years ago or so the choir at my church had a Christmas cantata that was set in the twenties.  We had so much fun searching for vintage clothes.  Then came the big day for getting all dressed up, makeup included, stepping back in time as we set the stage for that time period.  I will never forget the experience. 

What fashions are some of your favorites from the past?  Were they leg warmers from the eighties,image poodle skirts from the fifties, mini skirts from… several time periods, or polyester suits from the seventies?  And the sixties… what were the sixties known for? Well definitely the mini-skirt.  Oh yes and the nineties – I remember this era specifically (no reason, don’t ask).  I still own some things I wore in the nineties… is that bad?  I’m still the same size – that has to be a good thing in some respects – and retro is in style right?

So vintage is possibly all the rage… or will be very soon.  Time flies – soon today’s fashion will be out of style and vintage – so that works for me.

Maybe we should bring some of the styles back from the past.  What do you think? What were your favorites?

Find yourself… keeping it real.

Photo credit: covertcandy.co.uk
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