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Apr 19, 2010

Marriage Proposal via Twitter – no kidding!

Here’s the tweet and I saw it when it went live… it’s the real deal:


A very good friend and blogging buddy, Heather Jacobson (and ) officially became engaged today… and it was all done…over the twittersphere.  She and the one she lovingly calls “the boy” on her blog (@notabadsaint) have been discussing marriage for… quite some time.  But he hadn’t officially asked her until today.

She is the social media guru around town and the tweet went viral shortly after the initial proposal.  She has been the hot topic on other mom blogs as well.

Congrats, Heather!! And although I will tell you in person very soon… blogging about it after he asked you over twitter… just seemed appropriate as a means to send congrats.

So I guess this means you are hanging up the single mom hat.

Find yourself… keeping it real.

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