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Apr 21, 2010

Save Money: Wash clothes with no detergent?

Photoxpress_3855495It’s not (budget crunch month) but when shared this video clip with me from Money Talks, I  was intrigued and had to share it with my readers.  According to tests referenced by www.MoneytalksNews.com you can actually get mildly soiled clothes clean by simply agitating them in a modern washing machine.  And if you do need soap – they have a recipe/formula for making your own that literally costs 2 pennies a load! Yeah, that’s right two cents!

Another tip for saving money with laundry they don’t mention (that I personally put into practice) is don’t wash every piece of clothing after just one wear.  Now this only works if you bathe daily. (I know you do, right?)  But think about it – if the jeans you just wore are not soiled – wear them two or three times before throwing them in the laundry.  Other dress slacks and tops can be done the same way if they don’t have dirt on them and no odor. 

So try one or two of these tips and start saving money – this week on laundry.

Here’s a link to

I know at the very least I am going to start cutting back on the amount of detergent I measure out per load and start saving today.

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Photo Credit: photoXpress.com \ Charles Jacques
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