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Jun 16, 2010

Graduation celebration…for three days and three nights

2010-06-10 010 The graduation day itself was wonderful.  Kass was graduating from elementary and we make a big deal of things like that around here.  Since Jas didn’t have any exams for his last day of school he didn’t have to go to school – so he went with me to his sister’s graduation. I took pictures of her getting classroom awards, etc. and when she was crossing the stage for her promotion to middle school, I stood up and got close to the stage in the middle of the room… aimed the camera, click… click… nice; the battery died and I missed it.  Snap.

But I didn’t let that ruin the day for us.  Following the ceremony, we went for a quick lunch and dropped off Jas at the house so Kass and I could have some girl time.  We went to see “Letters to Juliet” at the theater which was just awesome by the way.  It’s definitely on top of our buy list for dvds. 

Then we went shopping –- more fun just for us girls.  The day couldn’t have been any better…. well maybe if I could have gotten that snapshot of her crossing the stage during her promotion… but that’s ok.  We still created some great memories.  Later that day she went to stay at one of her friend’s house for a couple days to continue celebrating.

Saturday, she returned so we could go and have a big graduation dinner at Reb Lobster.  It is our tradition every year one of my kiddos graduates from a level of school, we go out to eat at Red Lobster.  The kiddos love the restaurant and that one night – they can get anything they want.  , his boys and his mom and step-dad joined us for the fun.  It was a a lot of fun and more memories.

2010-06-12 010 2010-06-12 013

 2010-06-12 017 2010-06-12 021

See, we love to celebrate around here.  We don’t mind finding a reason to have a party.

How did you celebrate the end of the school year?

Find yourself… keeping it real.

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