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Jul 23, 2010

My first time

“You take all the time you need.”

I heard these words and then was left alone, in the darkened room with candles lit and soft zen-like music playing.  Water was rushing through the fountain on the table, yet calming and relaxing. 

Only a few minutes passed and I was ready. 

For my first time.

My first time (you wonder)? oh for…my massage. (You weren’t thinking THAT were you? I have been married and have two kids, ya know.)

This wasn’t just any massage but a therapeutic massage.  I didn’t know what to expect.  And to my surprise, it included hot stones. I was giddy.  Hot stones!  They were wonderful.  	spa: a girl takes a hot stones massage

What a Christmas present… that I finally found time to use in July.

As a single mom, living on a budget and cutting out most forms of luxury now that I’ve added to the list of monthly payments, I don’t get to indulge in things like this… ever.  It just isn’t part of my “allowance.” 

The kids like to eat.

They tend to eat a lot.

Everyday in fact.

So I began thinking on my drive home, how I might manage to save some money to splurge ‘once in a while’ and repeat this experience.  What could I remove from the weekly spending so that I could save up for a few months at a time to have enough for this little bit of pampering?

Some might buy Starbucks coffee once a week or buy sodas at work, and if so, you could cut those out.  But I don’t.  Some might choose not to get their nails done one month or two and use that manicure money.  But I don’t get my nails done professionally either. 

So where could I cut back?

I decided I can till I have enough to splurge on another one of those…




Yeah they’re worth a few more peanut butter and jelly sandwich lunches.

At least in my book.

Find yourself… keeping it real.

(And believe it or not, this isn’t a sponsored post, but my genuine enjoyment of a first-time experience.  I want my regular readers to know that I owe you more for your time of stopping by than so many sponsored posts.  I will be writing more from my heart, so stick around; do come back to hear more about me finding myself, over and over again.)

Photo Credit: Author: alma_sacra (photoXpress.com)

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