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Jul 13, 2010

Never Let You Go


If you like the suspense and page turning intensity of Ted Dekker, you have to read works by Erin Healy.  She coauthored , which I also read and reviewed a few months ago. But the book, Never Let You Go, was written by Healy herself.  It is definitely full of suspense and surprises.  She gets you pulled into the story quickly…

Quote from Never Let You Go:

The parking lot light gasped again and this time faded to black.  The steady yellow light behind her also flickered once and died, stranding Lexi in black air exactly halfway between the restaurant and car.  She stopped.  A second later, two at most, the light over the Volvo staggered back to relative brilliance.

She gasped.  The thin air knifed her throat.  The grasses had fallen silent, and the winds were as still as if God had stepped between them and the earth.

All four doors of her car were flung wide.  Two seconds earlier they had been sealed shut, but now they gaped open like Lexi’s disbelieving mouth, popped open with the speed of a switchblade, with the flip of an invisible lever, the flick of an illusionist’s light.

A heavy hand came down on her shoulder from behind. Lexi yelped and whirled out from under the palm.

“Sexy Lexi.”

Her hand was at her throat, her pulse pounding through the layers of the thin jacket her breathing too shallow for her to speak. (end quote)

And that happens on page 4!

Scenes like these are what keep you wondering from one chapter to the next as the flips and turns in the story keep you up till midnight and later on a work day.  (I know this from experience.) But late nights are worth it when you have to know what is going to happen to “Lexi” next and how she is going to survive the threats that come her way as a result of her sorted past.  A past that lead to her own sister’s death.

The author even captures the dynamic of a spiritual element between heaven and earth that haunts her every decision. Finally can “Lexi” find the true depth of forgiveness?

You will have to read it and find out.  Without revealing too much let me just say:  Well done, Erin Healy.  I will be looking for more of your works even if they do rob me of my beauty sleep.

Find yourself… keeping it real.

Disclosure:  I received this book, Never Let You Go, by Erin Healy to read for a possible review from the publicist, Amy Currie, Senior Publicist for Phenix & Phenix Literary Publicists
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