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Oct 8, 2010

Without the heartbreak, you’re still making up stories

Are you afraid of falling in love? …of being in love, deeply in love?

Are you afraid of being alone?image

Is there a difference between fear of being alone and fear of being lonely?

We all want love. That is a common goal.  Yet we all fear losing that same love: our common fear.

These are just a few of the concepts covered by Susan Piver in just one of the articles in this month’s issue of fear.less.

I have been a subscriber since it began in May or June and though I do not believe in every ideology it expresses: I filter when I read (and I have enough confidence in my own faith and beliefs that I am comfortable reading materials that reference other faiths at times) so I have gleaned from the issues and especially liked this article about trust, fear, and relationships.

Buddhism references aside, interesting stuff…

Plus I love the layout of the design – and I want to learn how they do that with their pdf’s!

Check out this magazine (ezine): fear.less… if you dare.

Pssst. this is not a sponsored post.

 Find yourself… keeping it real.


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