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Oct 8, 2010

I love Donald Miller…his blog and his books

If you haven’t read Donald’s blog, I have one word to describe his insight and perspective on Christianity: cool.

So to follow up , I wanted to also share a Christian resource that I enjoy and pull interesting perceptions from… Donald Miller’s blog.

Check him out… here’s a couple quotes from his blog post recently titled: How to Give Your Home and Your Stuff Meaning.

imageIt made me think about how cool it was that my friend, in preparing a ranch for others to be together and to be with God, was imitating the heart of God without, perhaps, even realizing he was doing it…

I’ve discovered a little secret my friend with the ranch must have discovered a long time ago: Managing God’s stuff for the enjoyment and comfort of the people God loves is a blast. It gives meaning to your things, and a feeling of importance to the places you get to live within…

What are the things you’ve done to convert your home into God’s home, a place you get to manage for Him?

Yeah, he’s just cool like that.  Brings the ideas about being a Christian… down home… into the heart of where we live.


Find yourself… keeping it real.

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