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Nov 2, 2010

Yes she freaks out…

“Oh EM Ghee! Happy’s dead!”

Now before you hit the big X in the upper right corner of your screen, read on and hear the rest of this story…

The above statement was being made by my daughter yesterday when we returned home from her scout meeting.  Her frantic yelling at an octave higher than I can explain was in addition to her jumping and swaying from side to side from the gate of the front yard. In the distance, in the dark, Happy was laying by the back porch on the driveway. 

My vehicle (SUV mind you) is sitting diagonal in the street facing the closed gate at the driveway.  Kass got out to simply let the dogs (yes we have 2) into the house so she could open the gate for me…2010-10-16 055 quickly… to get parked.

But instead, she sees our older dog laying there and presumes, instantly he must be dead.

She is a little over dramatic and easily panicked.  So put the two together with a dog lying on the driveway and what do you get?

My SUV sitting diagonally in the street right outside my driveway, placed into park, as I now have been demanded by the panic stricken to go check because she refuses to see if he might be ‘just asleep.’

Yeah, you guessed it.

Happy was asleep.

He’s old, yes.  But he likes to sleep. As do I, but I won’t digress here.

What have we all learned from this little episode?

Not much.

Wish I could tell you some great epiphany of a family life lesson was pulled from this.  But instead, I was just grateful he wasn’t dead, so I could say, “See, there!” “You get all excited for nothing sometimes.”

Will she take it down a notch next time she jumps to conclusions, or perhaps maybe wait before jumping to conclusions? Naaah, probably not. 

Find yourself… keeping it real.

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