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Dec 29, 2010

Single mom says “What?”

stethoscope When I got the news from the doctor who called me about 5pm on my last day of work before the Christmas break, I was mad.

There, I said it.

But after taking time to process the information and taking Kass to see the Orthopedic surgeon, the specialist, and just days later the gentleman who will be customizing her special brace (because I don’t know his official title at the moment); I started to evolve to a point where I am grateful.  Yes, grateful we found this issue while she is 12 and still growing so we can work with her spine and hope, with a brace, she doesn’t progress toward a higher degree and have to have surgery.

Kass has scoliosis of the spine at 25%. (At 5-20% you only have to monitor the issue, so she just passed the cutoff that requires a brace.)

She took the news well.  She seems to be ok about it as we begin this journey.  I am bracing for when she has to wear the thing 24/7 (except gym class and during our yoga at home). (Oh, and no pun intended there.)

I am proud of her attitude and am thankful my reaction has progressed with prayer and processing all this new information.

So I was putting it all to the side to this year before it was all over…but tomorrow we go for her next session with the gentleman who will be making her brace. Time to face it again, face the fact that my little girl who is wearing on her teeth will be adding to her current required apparatuses.  Just like the orthodontic braces, this back brace isn’t cheap.  But they are allowing me to use a payment plan.  (I know you are thinking: Oh goody, another monthly payment.)

If I sound cynical, I apologize for that.  I am sincerely doing better about all this, and do know God is good, all the time: He will provide and take care of this for Kass.  I have faith.

So what issues are you facing as a mom or as a as the new year approaches?

We all have our ‘stuff’ to deal with – some new – some old.

Find yourself… keeping it real

Photo Credit: (photoXpress.com / Chad McDermott)
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