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Jan 1, 2011

Funniest Christmas Moment 2010

We had a lot of fun this Christmas from making to getting snow Christmas Eve.  We blended our traditions this year as . and I plan possible future Christmases together.

But one moment sticks out in my mind as the funniest.

Mr. M’s sister and her family came in town the day after Christmas.  My kiddos had already left for their dad’s house the night Mr. M and I exchanged presents with her family.  I brought the gifts for Jas and Kass home with me for them to open when they returned later that week.

When Jas and Kass opened their presents from his sister’s family we were at our house.  When Jas opened his present he pulls out a box kit of Rice Krispy Holiday Treats Maker.  He looks at me with a look of bewilderment.  I said, “Well maybe she thought you like rice krispy treats, so we could make some.”  He said, “Okay,” and put the box aside under the tree.image

Later that day, the neighbor and Kass’ dear friend, E came over to see what they had gotten.  When Kass started telling her about the gift from Mr. M’s sister… she showed E what Jas had received and that we thought it was funny (since Jas is almost 16).  E said, “There’s tape on this box.  Did you try to open it?”

Well I hadn’t seen the tape and he hadn’t tried to open it.  Jas came back into the room and opened the “Treats” box to find a cool hoody from Foot Locker inside.  It fit him great – and he loves it.  What a surprise!

I got so tickled over us thinking he got the treat making kit that I couldn’t stop laughing later when I shared the story with Mr. M.  His response: “What a dork.”

What’s your favorite funny moment from Christmas 2010?

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