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Jul 14, 2011

Warning: Playing games with your children will make them Happy

Take some time out this weekend and get the kiddos outside.  I know how much they all love video games and being on the computer. Trust me. I do.abstract gold background

But it is healthier for them to have some time in the sun and to be exercising. Plus time spent with you and potentially other children will make them happier.

“But I’m bored”

This is one famous common phrase said by so many children, yet in today’s world – they have so much more stuff than “we” did when we were their age.  But in many ways with so much “more,” some of our little ones might have lost the incentive or the initiative to use their imaginations!

I remember times when I would act out a part in the backyard from a summer movie I had just seen; or just playing with friends from the neighborhood. 

You don’t know any games to get them started, you say?

Here’s a link to just a few all-time favorites.

So pull out those memory banks, look at this link, put on your “play clothes” and go play with your kiddos outside this weekend!

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