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Aug 10, 2011

The Magic of Disney World

To take you away from the recent gloom and doom in the news from the stock market decline to London’s riots and Philadelphia’s youth vandalizing (What’s up with that, right?), let me share with you some sense of escape for a few minutes about a magical place…

We have now returned from our “magical” vacation.  This is the one I have wanted to take the kiddos on since they were young and finally was successful doing so.  Even though they fought like cats and dogs  - yes they don’t get along right now at the tender ages of being a tween and teen on the brink of adulthood. But between their disagreements on rides, and where to eat and… and… and… we had a great time. Sincerely, we did.

They also flew for the first time and we were impressed with Allegiant Air, with their prices and their services, so I will give them a shout out here. Kass was the unlucky one in our group randomly chosen for the extra security check: But she did great and didn’t freak out! Can you believe it?

Jas now says he is meant to travel.  He loved flying and even considered the possibility of making Florida his home someday… well maybe.  And to his own surprise, he found some rides that he enjoyed amongst the many parks we visited during the trip, between Disney’s Epcot, Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom and especially at Universal Islands of Adventure.

Kass tried a roller coaster  at Magic Kingdom and enjoyed it!  She even had her hands up on the 50 foot drop! However, when we ventured out and did the Expedition Everest Coaster in Animal Kingdom---even I thought it was intense; and now she says she will not get on another coaster again.  Oh well.

and his boys joined us on the trip.  (No worries, they had a separate hotel room, people.) The four kiddos actually got along pretty well, except for the few times they seemed to gang up on and pick on Kass… with three boys and one tween girl, what do you expect, right?  But for the most part they did great together.

Here are a few pics from the trip for your enjoyment:

 DISneyJasonCARTOON     MomKassBUZZltyrDisneyPrincessDANCINGmickeyMINNIE2mickeyMINNIEP1030621  DisneyCastleFIREWORKSlowres


There are plenty more where those came from.  I will keep you posted of when I load the album designated just for Disney….

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