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Nov 17, 2011


As Jas and I sit at the urgent care clinic to get his ear checked out,  we both sit with our tech devices in full swing.  I decided to look for the blogger app so I could possibly post for my readers and I found it!

Being a single mom is full of challenges and those challenges change as the children age. Tonight would have required bringing both children, one well, into an environment with germs and other niceties when they were younger. Now that i'm dealing with teens (Kass is just two weeks from it being official) I can leave one to tend to herself while escorting the other to be seen for treatment.

That doesn't mean the other challenges aren't just as difficult; in some ways they are more complex. But for this moment in time I can appreciate the difference. Come later tonight or tomorrow morning, it may be a different story.

Now we are into a room, but still waiting for a doctor, or at least one in training, to determine if Jas has an ear infection or if he's just been sniffing his runny nose back into his head too much.  But at least his hypochondriac will be put at ease.

Watch for updates over my twitterfeed.

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